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Versatility of Post Frame Buildings

Versatility ranging from the Barndominiums to a simplistic ag building. A post frame building has a wide range of applications. Looking to do a hobby garage to a commericial shop, post frame buildings simplify the process. If you can dream it, there is a good chance we can build it.

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What Makes our Crew Special?

When you take those next steps to invest in your building, your are also investing in a remarkable crew. Focus on the strengths of each individual to build a rock solid team with an aligned passion.

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Basement Egress Windows

Basement Egress windows help improve the safety of your living space and is an essential part of upgrading your home. It can be intimidating cutting into the foundation of your home.


Labor and Guidance

  • Looking to tackle your project on your own? But some stages are intimidating? We help during those delicate stages to provide the crew expertise. Whichever stage of the process you need help with, give us a call 
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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to buy?

A building is a large investment, and there has been significant price fluctuations on the material. What we have not heard our clients say, was I wish I had waited another 5 years to do this project. Typically, it is best to start conversations about your project well in advance of when you are hoping for an actual completion and getting to enjoy your builidng. (3 months for smaller projects and 8 months to a year on larger projects)

Should I wait to start my project until costs go down?

The cost of construction has trended upwards. The best price for your investment was probably yesterday.

What are the Smallest/Largest buildings you erect?

We have completed small permanent sheds measuring 12’x16′ all the way up to 70′ wide buildings. One of our suppliers boasts having clear span options up to 120′ and the lengths of these buildings are only limited by budget and location.

What if I cant afford the entire project?

These projects can be completed in phases. During the planning process, the project can be designed to meet your future expansion goals.

How deep are your posts?

Standard post depth is 48″. However, larger buildings with sidewall heights greater than 12′ will typically have varying post depth.

How do you anchor your posts?

The majority of the buildings are an embedded post. Meaning, the columns are set in the ground. The columns sit on concrete footings, typically 24″ in diameter and are back filled with soil. Treated 2x material is fastened to the bottom of the post for uplift resistance.

I havent found the answer to my specific question.

Follow the link below to go to our in depth discussion on post frame buildings. Or jump over to our contact page to find your preferred line of communication.

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A building can be an extensive investment and process to undertake. There are a lot of questions and unknowns, use this guide to add some peace of mind and have a starting point for your project.

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