The Classic - Detached Garage

4 Tips for an Awesome Detached Garage

1: Detached Garage Standard Options

These are the starting options for our detached garage package. 

  1. Wall steel installed with Housewrap
  2. 12″,18″,24″ Vented Overhangs
  3. Steel Wainscot
  4. Concrete floor
  5. Insulated Overhead Doors
  6. Steel Entry Door
  7. Slider Vinyl Windows
  8. Vented Ridgecap
  9. Interior Framing for future liner 

The true American Dream

Every full blooded American has a passion of some form that involves the garage, whether is is the classic car, the power sports hobby, or honing your craft for wood or metal work. You as an American deserve a place to showcase the product of your passion, and keep your tools of the trade.

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Vehicle Maintenance

2: Additional Options

Insulated, Interior Liner, and Heat – Wyoming is a beautiful place to live with some harsh weather conditions, maximize your space by creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Washroom – Why run back into the house when you could have your own commode out in your workshop? Make it even more useful by adding a mop sink. Or, one of our favorite additions, a urinal.

Electrical – A workshop isn’t quite complete without at least some lighting and electrical outlets. Or take it over the top and make sure you have enough lights to eliminate all the shadows so you can see exactly what you’re working on. Take it a step further and add plug ins for your welder, compressor, and camper.

Detached Garage

Download Our Guide For Designing Your Garage

Take that initial step towards your American Dream by downloading the design guide. Tell us about your passion by painting us a picture of you in your new garage. Once you have filled out the guide, youll recieve an exclusice sheduling link to a discovery call with our team. Take 

3: Overlooked Details

Here are a few common overlooked details about starting your project that can cause issues during planning.

  1. Site gradework and access
  2. Lot lines and setbacks
  3. Firerated walls within 20′ of other structures
  4. Driveway requirments
  5. Engineering Requirements
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4: Sizing a Detached Garage

Standard Heights: 10′-14′ with 12′ being the most common, allowing for 10′ tall overheadd doors, spacious room to work, but taller options can be considered depending on requirements for door heights, overhead storage, or automotive lift considerations.

Footprint: 1 car garage – 20’x25′, 2 car garage 25’x30′, Oversized 3 car garage 30’x50′ – with the 30’x40′ or 30’x50′ options being the best bang value for your investment.

OH Door Sizes: The minimum recommended size for a vehicle is 9′ wide and 8′ tall. The most common doors being 10’x10′. Make sure to add 2′ to your sidewall from the overhead door height for standard doors. Remember, we see a lot of damage to doors, especially when the clearances become tight.

Plan your garage layout: Start by finding out your vehicles’ lengths. The longest vehickle is currently the Ford SuperDuty at 22′ 2.2″, but you can find average sizes of vehicles here.

Download the design guide and use the graph paper to layout your garage.

Design Guide

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