Overdale Overhaul

The team from WYCam started an endeavor to rejuvenate the burnt out shell of a house. Along with the many upgrades during the project, the front yard received a major renovation.

Excess fill dirt was removed to give the yard a more gradual slope and a base of organic material was placed to ensure the fresh, new sod had a source of nutrients.  An automated sprinkler was designed and installed for minimized maintenance of a lush, green lawn.

The front of the house was edged with river rock. The shrubs were chosen specifically for their size to accent rather than conceal the front of the house.

A retaining wall was installed to level a pathway to the backyard. The limestone provides an excellent base for a pathway. The river rock dresses up the area under the deck that would otherwise be bare dirt.

Using skill and a little hard work, the WYCam team transformed this front yard from eye sore to selling point. Should you be looking to place your house on the market or wanting to give your neighbors something to talk about, we look forward to working with you to increase the curb appeal of your home.

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